Parent Info

Dear Prospective Swim Parents:

From one swim parent to prospective swim parents.  Swimming is a unique sport and will demand a lot from your child.  Swimming 1-2 hours a day requires a lot of dedication, drive and ultimately concentration and organization.  Swimmers tend to be better students, have better concentration and are goal oriented.

They also foster healthy habits and lifestyles.  Swimming helps kids make better choices to improve and sustain their performance.  It even starts to rub off on you!

Like any activity, swimming puts demands on parents to get them to practices, meets and activities.  Unlike some other activities, this is a life long skill with rewards for the whole family. 

Like your swimmers, we encourage you to share in the friendships (you will be with these adults a lot on deck), learn about swimming, and attend the family activities. 

Congratulations on embarking with your child on a wonderful experience.

Here is a useful link on how to be an effective sports parent.






Swim Utah is a parent run swim team with no paid positions other than our coaches.  Therefore we depend on our parents to volunteer to be Trustees on the Board, Committees, Officials and Teams.  In addition, we need your help to support your child by getting them to practice, meets and team activities.  At meets, each club is responsible to time.  When you sign up for a meet please note the volunteer tab and sign up for a timing slot.  When we conduct our own meets we will call upon on Members to help with concessions, timing, set up, meet management etc.  Fortunately, not only will your child make long lasting friendships, but so will you. Again, welcome to our team.



Twice a year we will hold Parent Newcomer meetings to go over club structure, responsibilities, coaches introduction etc.  Even if you are not new to the team, this is a great opportunity to meet other parents and get better aquainted with the team.  At least every quarter we will offer a parent education class to help you help your swimmer with their sport.  Topics such as officiating rules and regulations, good eating habits, swimming terminology, training assistance, etc.  We encourage all parents to come to each meeting.  The meeting/training will be emailed and placed on the web site.  As with any sport, swimming has its own unique demands and there are things we as parents can due to further the performance of our swimmers.

Swimmer Level

Your swimmer will be placed in the appropriate swim group for their ability and age.  The cost of the program is commensurate with the level they are in.  As they improve the head coach will move them up as required.  This typically will require more practice time and therefore an increase in cost.