Practices & Events

Practices and Team Events:

Improving stroke technique and conditioning are the two most important components to a swim practice.  It is important for swimmers to attend practice to achieve their goals.  We encourage swimmers to attend as many practices as possible.  Quite simply, the more practice, the more quickly the swimmer will reach their potential for improvement.

Practices are designed to provide successive instruction in technique.  Therefore, when practice is missed, important instruction is delayed.  To increase conditioning (particularly with the older practice groups), practices are carefully programmed for optimum physical stress and recovery time.

Finally, regular practice attendance at practice helps swimmers (particularly new team members) form bonds and lasting friendships with the rest of the team.

While frequent attendance at practices is important, swimmer burnout is also a concern, particularly for your swimmers.  For SWIM UTAH, we want swimmers to always enjoy swimming.  Younger swimmers should participate in a number of different activities and sports, and attend swimming practices as often as they feel comfortable.  Many of our swimmers will attend practice regularly on two to three days a week.  As swimmers get older and more mature, they usually begin to attend more practices.


We strive to hold one non-swimming activity each month.  This is an opportunity for the swimmers to connect and build friendships outside the pool.  All the events are on the calendar, in the blog and on the event tab.  Activities have been in the past: movie night, sledding, haunted house and hot chocolate, bowling, skating, etc.